Valerie Moody




The Jonah Mystery Changing God's Judgements

Spiral-bound Paperback

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How does anyone forgive those who plan to murder their family and destroy their nation? God compelled Jonah to do the unthinkable. The Jonah Mystery recalls the storm that hit the imperial city, and secret messages from an ancient empire that could rock today’s world.

Seven principles in The Jonah Mystery form a Menorah pattern, and relate to the seven branches of the Temple’s golden lampstand. Surprisingly, the Renaissance artist Michelangelo understood The Jonah Mystery, and used it to encode a shocking indictment on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. He applied one of the seven principles.

The Jonah Mystery reveals how people can alter divine judgments, even when they deserved to be judged. This book examines biblical repentance or teshuvah in a way that few have understood before. It also dissects Jonah’s prophetic name to show how the Hebrew words it contains promise forgiveness. This book divulges twelve unique Signs of Jonah which Jesus or Yeshua identified with. It shares hidden symbolism; the bizarre actions of a cruel empire; the miracles of God; and four levels of scripture (peshat, remez, drash, sod) which highlight the character of Jonah’s tale.


Binding Method Spiral binding
Pages 92
ISBN 978-0982433508