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33 Teachings gives new insights into prayer, dreams, and God’s guidance in a collection of bite-sized messages. These short teachings could be used as a month of daily devotions or as the basis for further in-depth study.

A sample teaching called “The Bush Still Burns”:

You and I cannot accurately know the future. Only the Great I Am knows the course of time with certainty. Perceiving the guidance of His insight may be essential for surviving the coming days.

I believe God speaks to every person all the time in a “voice” limited only by our capacity to apprehend it. Yet, each of us must answer the question, “Does God really speak to me?” Can I hear Him in some way and, if so, how do I become a better listener?

Moses had the same question. He knew the stories of God talking with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And, one day in the backside of the desert, he heard the voice of God. His conversation with the Almighty came from a bush engulfed in flames.

Perhaps the bush still burns. While God may not speak in precisely this manner, His words can still come to us. Let’s be on the lookout for one of the biblical ways He speaks.

The Most High most often speaks through scripture. He also communicates through prayer and through the Ruach HaKodesh or Holy Spirit. He conveys messages in dreams, visions, and on rare occasions through a visible appearance.

Scripture clearly reveals that He wants to reach us personally just as often as we are willing to listen. Let’s crack the Book and read its sacred words.


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