Valerie Moody




Hidden Treasures of Kingdom Prayer

Perfect-bound Paperback

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In Hidden Treasures of Kingdom Prayer, Valerie Moody brings her comprehensive knowledge of the entire Bible to a search for effective prayer. She analyzes the prayers of biblical men and women such as Solomon, Hannah, Daniel, and others to make plain their hidden insight and spiritual power.

The author uncovers kingdom order in prayer. Biblical prayers in this book reflect the Temple, prayer as an altar sacrifice, and prayer as a guided missile. Practical, useable blessing prayers, and how to cancel curses in prayer are among the specific prayers which are discussed. The book also probes the reasons for delayed and unanswered prayer, and the root cause behind these delays.

The reader will learn to pray powerful and meaningful daily prayers with the biblical guidance provided in Hidden Treasures of Kingdom Prayer.


Binding Method Perfect binding
Pages 100
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