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Hidden Treasures of Kingdom Prayer

In Hidden Treasures of Kingdom Prayer, Valerie Moody brings her comprehensive knowledge of the entire Bible to a search for effective prayer. She analyzes the prayers of biblical men and women such as Solomon, Hannah, Daniel, and others to make plain their hidden insight and spiritual power.

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Secrets of the Menorah

The Ark of the Covenant, Table of Showbread, and Altar of Incense were all fashioned of wood, and covered with gold. This mixture portrayed “divinity covering humanity,” which is a picture of redemption. The Menorah, however, consisted only of purest gold, as a picture of the Redeemer Himself.

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The Jonah Mystery Changing God's Judgements

How does anyone forgive those who plan to murder their family and destroy their nation? God compelled Jonah to do the unthinkable. The Jonah Mystery recalls the storm that hit the imperial city, and secret messages from an ancient empire that could rock today’s world.

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Word Warriors The Power of Dabar

The Creator has given us the gift of dabar - the spoken word. Spoken words accomplish actions and can literally change history. Yeshua (Jesus), Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and Deborah are among the Word Warriors of Scripture. The power of life and death was in their mouths (Proverbs 18:21). They went into battle, defeated enemies, blessed others with shalom, imparted wisdom, and raised the dead with the words they spoke.

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The Menorah in the End of Days Menorah Series, Part 3

In Zechariah’s mystical vision, he saw a crown over a golden Menorah. From the Hebrew word for crown in Zechariah 4:2 comes the promise of resurrection in the Menorah. The Menorah appears in ancient tombs to proclaim resurrection and new beginnings. The Menorah also signifies the radiance of King Messiah, and the people of the Most High.

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Standing at the Center of the Menorah Menorah Series, Part 2

There is a secret relationship between the middle branch, and side branches, of the Menorah. The middle branch supports them all, since the side branches have no foundation of their own. This pattern is reflected in the Messiah’s relationship with believers.

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33 Teachings

33 Teachings gives new insights into prayer, dreams, and God’s guidance in a collection of bite-sized messages. These short teachings could be used as a month of daily devotions or as the basis for further in-depth study.

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Light of the Menorah e-Book

The Light of the Menorah brings new clarity and understanding to one of the most beautiful golden objects in the ancient Temple.

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