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The Feasts of Adonai Why Christians should look at the Biblical Feasts

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The Feasts of Adonai by Valerie Moody has been a bestseller since 2002. The book contains thorough descriptions of 22 feasts days, including God’s seven feasts in Leviticus 23, the Sabbath and New Moon, the feasts of the people such has Hanukkah and Purim, and modern holidays celebrated in Israel. It answers all your questions about the festivals: their biblical foundation, purpose, spiritual meaning, prophetic fulfillment, how they are celebrated in Jewish synagogues and homes, and how believers in Jesus or Yeshua can celebrate these holy days.

It is the top-selling feast book in the United States, the most comprehensive book, yet the easiest book to understand. It is full of illustrations, scriptures, prayers, ancient history, modern celebration, activities, menus, and recipes that make the feast days come alive. The Feasts of Adonai is the best user’s manual for believers who want to understand and celebrate the feasts. Nearly every buyer purchases additional books for family members and friends.

Readers say:

“This is the best feast book I have ever read. It puts all of the information about the feasts that I need in the order that I need it. It is inspired and life-changing.”

“This is the best feast book and I’ve got every feast book out there!”

“A bestseller! We can’t keep it on the shelves.”

“Thanks Valerie! These books are invaluable :)”

“Thank you for making the feast days easy.”

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Binding Method Perfect binding
Pages 170
Chapters 17
Charts & Tables 28
Recipes 29
Reference Glossary & Bibliography
ISBN 978-0982433577