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Valerie Moody

Valerie Moody is a television Bible teacher and public speaker for national and regional conferences, community groups, and Torah study groups. She is the author of five books, The Feasts of Adonai, a best-selling book on the biblical festivals; Seven Voices of the End Times; My Big Fat Greek Mindset; Secrets of the Menorah; and The Jonah Mystery. She is also the co-founder the Hebrew Roots Discovery Center in Lubbock, Texas, which raises money for needy families in Israel.

Valerie leads the Covenant Footsteps Israel Tours, producing full-color teaching manuals for her travelers. Her tours have been labeled, “the most organized and the most spiritual tours to Israel.” Her life-changing tours help travelers to form a personal relationship with the land of Israel, the place where prophecy unfolds and divine appointments begin.

She is also a former journalist for the Austin American Statesman and the U.S. Army. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Northwest Missouri State University, with graduate studies in Public Relations and Business Law at the University of Texas and St. Edward’s University. She is the winner of numerous first- and second-place art awards, with paintings and prints appearing in collections across America.

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