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Author, artist, and speaker Valerie Moody invites you to embrace the Hebrew Roots of your faith!

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Seven Voices of the End Times

Valerie's latest book, Seven Voices of the End Times, explores the seven sounds of Scripture that will guide believers through the fearful days ahead. As labor pains bring forth new life during childbirth, the end times bring forth a new age. These days lead to the Messiah's arrival on earth.


The Feast Book

Her book, The Feasts of Adonai is the number one best-selling feast book on the market today. It is the most comprehensive book on God's festivals in the Bible, yet it is the easiest to understand. Nearly every buyer buys a second and third book for friends and family members. You can order this fabulous resource and other teachings on the Products page.


The Biblical Feasts

If you are new to the Biblical feasts, start here for and introduction to each feastival.