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Valerie Moody

Valerie Moody embraced the Hebrew roots of her faith in the late 1990's following two personal visitations from Jesus or Yeshua (in Hebrew). At the time, she had served for three years on the staff of a mega church, and also taught "Worshiping God in the Arts," a course she created for the ministry department. She worked as a writer and editor for more than a dozen publications, magazines, and newspapers, and was a former journalist for the U.S. Army. She was also an award-winning artist.

After Yeshua appeared to her, she led her family to celebrate the biblical Sabbath. On the first night they honored the Sabbath or Shabbat in their home, God gave her three revelations that re-directed her ministry. From that point forward, her focus became the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith, as Times and Seasons Ministries.

While celebrating the feasts and Sabbath, she discovered that no feast book answered all of her questions. She wrote The Feasts of Adonai to answer important questions about each festival, its biblical foundation, purpose, spiritual meaning, prophetic fulfillment, and ways for believers to celebrate. The book has been a bestseller since 2002. One Arizona reader said: "This is the best feast book out there, and I have them all!"

Her second book, Seven Voices of the End Times, was released in 2012. It analyzes how the trumpet judgments in Revelation relate to the biblical Feast of Trumpets. This insight is crucial to an accurate understanding of how events will play out at the end of days.

Valerie teaches the biblical festivals and a Hebraic perspective of end time prophecy on God's Learning Channel. This television station reaches more than 100 countries via cable and satellite channels. She illustrates her teachings with hundreds of graphics gathered from all over the world.

Along with her husband David, she leads tour groups to Israel. These tours always include time to meet, and worship with, Israeli Jewish believers. Travelers experience Israel in a new way, and return deeply touched and changed.

Her presentations before community groups are provocative, fascinating, engaging, and encouraging. Your group will enjoy their time with Valerie Moody. Call (806) 319-5133 to bring her to your area.